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Um...Jae~ I don't know what happened...but my dresser threw up...Were you going through my shirts again? I swear, Jae, you're almost as bad as Ho and Yoo...

...>_< It's raining outside...and no one's online. Well, I guess I'll tell you about my day...

I brought home this whole bag of cookies for everyone and then was alone for 6 hours. 6 hours!! #_# Ho texted me and told me not to wait up...X3 So I said "as long as you bring me back something!"

And Jae, it's a supah seekrit!

*nibbles on cookies in the empty living room* Huh...I wonder how loud the stereo can go....?

ps: Min, I brought home an extra large cookie and raspberry tea for you...and the finished chapter five~ *waves it* Show Su some love. ^ ^-

Min edit: Su, you need to learn how to spell :x
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