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Not the kitchen, AGAIN!

I meant to show you all Sooner!
Su blew the kitchen up twice..and I managed to get the conversation between Min and the Manager...

Min eats Jae: *pulls out cell*
Min eats Jae: "Hyuuuuuuuuuuuuung... Yes. Again. I know, but I was sleeping."
Min eats Jae: "You just need to get JaeJoongHyung back here! He's the only one that can really keep JunSu out of the kitchen."
Su tackles Yoo: *coughcough*
Su tackles Yoo: ....*blows soot everywhere*
Min eats Jae: "Oh yeah, and JunSu hurt his throat breathing in all of the smoke"
Min eats Jae: "Yeah, I think YooChunHyung should sing his part in the next Japanese concert... It doesn't sound like it'll be better by then."
Su tackles Yoo: *waves arms* *writes* "Minnie ahh!!!!!"
Ho Touches Su: I told you Su that if you wanted to go in the kitchen I'd help you. -_-
Min eats Jae: "Oh wait, JunSu says he wants me to sing his part."
Su tackles Yoo: *stradles min and grabs for the phone*
Su tackles Yoo: - -l
Min eats Jae: "Ah, okay, yeah, that was it, bye Hyung."
Su tackles Yoo: *squeak*
Min eats Jae: *click*
Su tackles Yoo: ......*strangles Min*
Min eats Jae: HOHYUNG
Min eats Jae: Save meeeeee
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