Manda (prncsslingling5) wrote in dorkpie,

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Ho's Lonely

And yesterday I gave Su bad lollipop ^_______^

*tries on Su's new pants* O_o They are like capris O.O kekekekekekeke

Min edit: Quit wearing other people's pants, Hyung, you don't know where they've been :x
Tags: yoonho
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That's because Su is a girl. We're established that.

*hugs Ho* Don't be lonely, I'm nack from classes~
XDD *clings*

....your pants were to tight..I ripped them T_T
:3 *huggles*

...You know that all that means is that I GET NEW PANTS! You tried on my pants? XD
they didn't rip in the back either. they ripped in the front :x
But that's to be expected ♥
puhahahah? o_o; rofl...I ish bad =x
you ish bad!?

*sings* without you gerrl my life ishincomplete..