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like the energizer bunny....

Min eats Jae: You could write more on that thing I posted earlier
Min eats Jae: about JaeJoong giving up being a girl XD

Ho Touches Su: hahaha.
Ho Touches Su: I think i'd mutilate that. >_>

Min eats Jae: Go ahead, I don't mind
Ho Touches Su: lol that's okay. XDD
Ho Touches Su: your stuff puts my stuff to shame. rofl.

Min eats Jae: What stuff of mine is there? I don't write anything, I just have ideas XD
Ho Touches Su: bbbbut I read some of your stuff.
Ho Touches Su: you could make millions. XD
Ho Touches Su: and i'd be like "MINNNNN give take me to your house and take care of me"
Ho Touches Su: (uuhh take out that give XD)

Min eats Jae: XD
Ho Touches Su: you could make tons of money and take over SM.
Ho Touches Su: *ebil laugh*

Min eats Jae: XD
Min eats Jae: On a fanstory?

Ho Touches Su: haha that'd be funny.
Min eats Jae: It would
Min eats Jae: but the question is: SHOULD I?

Ho Touches Su: i'd read it.
Ho Touches Su: you should.

Min eats Jae: Let me tell you the other parts I know, then
Ho Touches Su: okie.
Min eats Jae: First of all, it's one of those "regular girl somehow ends up with a guy from TVXQ stories"
Min eats Jae: (I expect commentary as I go XD)

Ho Touches Su: (lol okay)
Min eats Jae: Anyway
Min eats Jae: "The day I realized magic was real was the day someone used it to hurt me. I know, it sounds petty, but my "best friend" used it to steal my boyfriend. Great person, my friend, but she showed me magic was real and it could be bought by anyone willing to pay the price. Too bad prices don't come standard on that sort of thing and you don't just com across someone selling it. I was willing to give up anything and two weeks from that day... I gave up life as I knew it, to have that magic."
Min eats Jae: Basically, she gets into a car accident and falls into a coma, but wakes up in a different body... and this body just happens to A) look just like her o_O and B) be in training with SM & about ready to debut

She rationalizes that she was given a different life because her old one couldn't cope with magic and losing her friends and family was the price paid

Ho Touches Su: she gets in car accident because of magic??
Min eats Jae: :D~ She had to trade something for her magic and the life she had before couldn't deal with magic
Min eats Jae: the life she has now is completely FAKE, but no one else seems to think there's anything weird
Min eats Jae: Like, no one QUITE remembers when or how she joined SM
Min eats Jae: and her family is all suspiciously DEAD except for an Uncle that'd been caring for her
Min eats Jae: but he's a big company exec. so no one ever hears from HIM, either
Min eats Jae: and all of her "school friends" ? conveniently studying abroad....
Min eats Jae: Do you get it?

Ho Touches Su: yes. I get it now.
Min eats Jae: So anyway
Min eats Jae: TVXQ is going to Europe for the next photobook (these details are subject to change, due to RL circumstances XD, but for now..) & PV/MV for the new album, but since TSZX is ALSO making a new MV/PV, Sm doesn't want one of them to star in the TVXQ MV/PV, so the girl
Min eats Jae: s group to be get signed up for it and they all head over to Europe, which is when she has the conversation with JunSu about people who gained magic
Min eats Jae: Now, by this point, she's wondering when her magic is actually going to show up, because um, nothing's happened so far and it's been a month or so...
Min eats Jae: So, she asks JunSu, WTF?! and he says that he & Hero and so far as he knows, SungMin & HanGyeong & HeeChul all got their magic simultaneaously with giving up whatever it was they gave up
Min eats Jae: So, she's like "......That's not good."

Ho Touches Su: that sounds really good so far. what happens next o_o
Ho Touches Su: how come she didn't get her magic?

Min eats Jae: That comes later
Min eats Jae: but Anyway, apparently, she's the first girl with magic to join SM in their generation (there was one with ShinHwa, but that's a different story) so she takes to consoling Hero about his gender issues
Min eats Jae: But, ever the TVXQ fan that she is, she is still stalking IN:COM to see people's reaction to her and her group in the new MV/PV with TVXQ XD (and she wants to know the gossip and every thing else you can find at IN:COM)
Min eats Jae: and then... Someone digs up her old check-in post, in which she put pictures and goes "ZOMG, THIS IS THE SAME CHICK FROM THE MV"

Ho Touches Su: uh ohs she's found out.
Min eats Jae: well, no, because an RL friend of hers was on IN:COM, too and is all like "NOOO, she DIED *cries* that chick just looks like her" (the girl ended up getting new screennames for everything because all of her friends think she died and it would be weird if she was chatting with them and they thought she was dead)
Min eats Jae: And then something occurs to her, how come people still remember her living in America if no one remembers JaeJoong being a girl except for JaeJoong himself?

Ho Touches Su: the plot thickens. (....i just always wanted to say that)
Min eats Jae: hahahaha
Min eats Jae: And she STILL doesn't have any magic
Min eats Jae: Did I mention she has terrible stage fright?
Min eats Jae: Someone with the inflow of singing and dancing abilities that came when she "switched lives" she didn't lose her fear of preforming in front of an audience
Min eats Jae: Oh yeah and her debut? That's sneaking up pretty fast...

Ho Touches Su: frustration.
Min eats Jae: eh?
Ho Touches Su: sorry. I was typing and talking. ^^;;
Min eats Jae: it's okay
Ho Touches Su: she has no magic and has stage fright? can it get worse?
Min eats Jae: It does!
Min eats Jae: The last member of her group is someone she knew in RL who got pulled into SM while she was in Europe filming the MV with TVXQ
Min eats Jae: So she knows all about this person and this person thinks she happens to look a little like her friend that died

Ho Touches Su: ooh.
Ho Touches Su: so the girl has to pretend she doesn't know who she is right?

Min eats Jae: Yup
Min eats Jae: And this brings in, again, WHY DIDN"T EVERYONE FORGET WHO I WAS like they forgot about Female!JaeJoong???

Ho Touches Su: yeahh whyyyy
Min eats Jae: Because...she had magic LONG before she ended up in Korea, she was originally a boy herself and gave that up for the magic, her magic which just happened to let her take on a new life :D (this realization comes becuase her friend from America commented that she acted more like a guy that JaeJoong did)
Ho Touches Su: ohh. thats brilliant.
Min eats Jae: Thank you ^_^
Min eats Jae: But right after she realizes this
Min eats Jae: she has to debut
Min eats Jae: on stage
Min eats Jae: in front of people

Ho Touches Su: does she do it?
Min eats Jae: She doesn't have much of a choice :x Luckily, JunSu happens to be there and all encouraging, since he LOOOOOVES preforming so much & being in front of people (whereas the rest of TVXQ just loves singing/dancing, JunSu loves the spotlight)
Ho Touches Su: haha.
Min eats Jae: So now she's all confused
Min eats Jae: because she was always a Hero fan, but Hero was really a girl, which made her a lesbian, but then she was really a boy, but then JunSu helped her in her moment of need!

Ho Touches Su: do they end up together in the end??
Ho Touches Su: o_o

Min eats Jae: whom?
Ho Touches Su: the girl and Jaejoong.
Min eats Jae: I haven't decided
Min eats Jae: It's either JaeJoong or JunSu, though :x
Min eats Jae: I know I would pick JaeJoong
Min eats Jae: but I don't know who SHE would pick
Min eats Jae: x_x

Ho Touches Su: i think she would be good with junsu.
Min eats Jae: Me too
Min eats Jae: So, what do you think? Really?

Ho Touches Su: I think it's really good. I don't think anybody would expect she was a boy, they wouldn't find out until later right?. it's just really brilliant.
Min eats Jae: Yeah, they wouldn't find out until right before the debut, which has her feeling all weird for liking JunSu if she was once a guy
Ho Touches Su: it's great.
Min eats Jae: :D
Ho Touches Su: creepeh smiley.
Min eats Jae: hahah XD
Min eats Jae: X-)

Ho Touches Su: are you going to write it?
Min eats Jae: I dunno, probably not
Ho Touches Su: aww. I was excited.
Ho Touches Su: XDD

Min eats Jae: XDDDD
Min eats Jae: Then maybe I'll write it for you XP

Ho Touches Su: yeah!
Ho Touches Su: so i can cherish it forever.

Min eats Jae: XD
Ho Touches Su: and then when you become rich and famous I'll be like
Min eats Jae: XD
Ho Touches Su: "wahaha she wrote this fo meh!"
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